AntibodyX - Systems Biology of Humoral Immunity

AntibodyX is a research, technology and development project funded by - the Swiss Initiative for Systems Biology and is coordinated by Prof. Sai Reddy (ETH Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science & Engineering) with affiliate members from both ETH and University of Zurich. Members of AntibodyX from the Institute of Medical Virology (IMV) are Prof. Alexandra Trkola, Prof. Lars Hangartner and Dr. Michael Huber.

The overall goal of AntibodyX is to optimize and use systems biology-based methods for the quantitative molecular analysis of antibody repertoires that develop in response to vaccination and pathogenic infection. At the IMV, we track the evolution of antibody responses from human clinical samples, including patients exposed to HIV and influenza. We aim to characterize the molecular diversity of antibody responses at an unprecedented level of depth and the evolution of humoral immunity. The generation of such precise and quantitative data will provide a tremendous amount of insight into the evolutionary arms race that takes place between pathogen and host.

More information can be found on the AntibodyX’s website.