Spring Semester 2018

Date Speaker Paper title
12.02.2018 Matthias Glögl
Masako Kaufmann
Human-Specific Adaptations in Vpu Conferring Anti-tetherin Activity Are Critical for Efficient Early HIV-1 Replication In Vivo
26.02.2018 Sandra Chaudron
Viacheslav Kachalov

Absence of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations supports the use ofdolutegravir in Uganda

HIV-1 drug resistance before initiation or re-initiation of first-line antiretroviral therapy in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis

12.03.2018 Herbert Mbunkah
Teja Turk
Comprehensive serological profiling of human populations using synthetic human virome
26.03.2018 Eva Bons
Katharina Kusejko
The global Optima HIV allocative efficiency model: targeting resources in efforts to end AIDS
23.04.2018 Claus Kadelka
Caio Foulkes
Fine epitope signature of antibody neutralization breadth at the HIV-1 envelope CD4-binding site


04.06.2018 Caio Foulkes
Katharina Kusejko

HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder — pathogenesis and prospects for treatment

Frailty, Neurocognitive Impairment, or Both in Predicting Poor Health Outcomes Among Adults Living with HIV

02.07.2018 Tafadzwa Mlambo
Matthias Glögl

HIV-1 Vaccines Based on Antibody Identification, B Cell Ontogeny, and Epitope Structure

Epitope-based vaccine design yields fusion peptide-directed antibodies that neutralize diverse strains of HIV-1

16.07.2018 Victoria Strouvelle
Viacheslav Kachalov
HIV-1 latent reservoir size and diversity are stable following brief treatment interruption

Spring semester 2016

Date Speaker Paper title
18.01.2016 Mohaned Shilaih
Merle Schanz
HIV-1 infections with multiple founders are associated with higher viral loads than infections with single founders
01.02.2016 Ramesh Akkina Modeling HIV Pathogenesis, Prevention and Novel Therapies in Humanized Mice
Sandra Ivic
Branislav Ivan
Broadly targeted CD8+ T cell responses restricted by major histocompatibility complex E
29.02.2016 Nottania Campbell
Lucia Reh
Specific Reactivation of Latent HIV-1 by dCas9-SunTag-VP64-mediated Guide RNA Targeting the HIV-1 Promoter
14.03.2016 Herbert Mbunkah
David Beauparlant
MARCH8 inhibits HIV-1 infection by reducing virion incorporation of envelope glycoproteins
11.04.2016 Alex Marzel
Hanna Ebner
Directed evolution of a recombinase that excises the provirus of most HIV-1 primary isolates with high specificity
25.04.2016 Victoria Strouvelle
Harini Subbamran
Quantitation of Productively Infected Monocytes and Macrophages of SIV-Infected Macaques
09.05.2016 Audrey Fahrny
Matthias Glögl
Persistent HIV-1 replication maintains the tissue reservoir during therapy
23.05.2016 Yik-Lim Kok
Christina Müller
CRISPR-Cas9 Can Inhibit HIV-1 Replication but NHEJ Repair Facilitates Virus Escape
06.06.2016 Teja Turk
Nikolas Friedrich
Prospective Study of Acute HIV-1 Infection in Adults in East Africa and Thailand
20.06.2016 Nathanael Hoze
Thomas Liechti
Magnitude and Kinetics of CD8+ T Cell Activation during Hyperacute HIV Infection Impact Viral Set Point
04.07.2016 Mary-Aude Rochat
Emanuel Stiegeler
Chemokine-adjuvanted electroporated DNAvaccine induces substantial protection from simianimmunodeficiency virus vaginal challenge

Spring semester 2015

DateSpeakerPaper title
05.01.2015Beatrice Vetter
Alex Marzel
Selection bias at the heterosexual HIV-1 transmission bottleneck
19.01.2015Louis de Plessis
Sandra Ivic
The dual CCR5 and CCR2 inhibitor cenicriviroc does not redistribute HIV into extracellular space: implications for plasma viral load and intracellular DNA decline
02.02.2015David Beauparlant
Corinna Oberle
Type I interferon responses in rhesus macaques prevent SIV infection and slow disease progression
16.02.2015No Journal Club HIV
02.03.2015Branislav Ivan
Alexandra Scherrer
Broad CTL response is required to clear latent HIV-1 due to dominance of escape mutations
16.03.2015Merle Schanz
Victoria Strouvelle
B cell follicle sanctuary permits persistent productive simian immunodeficiency virus infection in elite controllers
30.03.2015Shilaih Mohaned
Lucia Reh
A Hardwired HIV Latency Program
27.04.2015Denise Kühnert
Alex Marzel

Origin of the HIV-1 group O epidemic in western lowland gorillas

11.05.2015Nathanael Hoze
Li Duo
Manipulating the Selection Forces during Affinity Maturation to Generate Cross-Reactive HIV Antibodies
08.06.2015Thomas Liechti
Corinna Oberle
Use of the CRISPR/​Cas9 system as an intracellular defense against HIV-1 infection in human cells
22.06.2015David Beauparlant
Victoria Strouvelle
Nuclear architecture dictates HIV-1 integration site selection
06.07.2015Frederic Bertels
Nottania Campbell
Maturation and Diversity of the VRC01-Antibody Lineage over 15 Years of Chronic HIV-1 Infection
20.07.2015Merle Schanz
Mary-Aude Rochat
HIV-specific Immunity Derived From Chimeric Antigen Receptor-engineered Stem Cells

Autumn semester 2014

DateSpeakerPaper title
01.09.2014Nikolas Friedrich
Mustafa Caneroglu
Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Viral Inducers Decrease Rebound from HIV-1 Latent Reservoirs in Humanized Mice
15.09.2014No Journal Club HIV: Knabenschiessen
29.09.2014Carsten Magnus
Audrey Fahrny
Rapid seeding of the viral reservoir prior to SIV viraemia in rhesus monkeys
13.10.2014Hanna Ebner
Nottania Campbell
HIV-1 Receptor Binding Site-Directed Antibodies Using a VH1-2 Gene Segment Orthologue Are Activated by Env Trimer Immunization
27.10.2014Lucia Reh
Valentina Vongrad
Myeloid Dendritic Cells Induce HIV-1 Latency in Nonproliferating CD4+ T Cells
10.11.2014No Journal Club HIV: Virology course
24.11.2014No Journal Club HIV: Virology course
08.12.2014Emanuel Stiegeler
Mary-Aude Rochat
Detailed Topology Mapping Reveals Substantial Exposure of the ‘‘Cytoplasmic’’ C-Terminal Tail (CTT) Sequences in HIV-1 Env Proteins at the Cell Surface
22.12.2014No Journal Club HIV: Christmas

Spring semester 2014

DateSpeakerPaper title
06.01.2014Helen Kirsty Alexander
Li Duo
Vaccine-elicited human T cells recognizing conserved protein regions inhibit HIV-1
20.01.2014Axel Mann
Yik-Lim Kok
Co-evolution of a broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody and founder virus
03.02.2014David Beauparlant
Renier Myburgh
HIV-1 evades innate immune recognition through specific cofactor recruitment
17.02.2014Emanuel Stiegler
Nottania Campbell
Mutational and fitness landscapes of an RNAvirus revealed through population sequencing
03.03.2014No Journal Club HIV
17.03.2014Nadja Javed
Gabriel Etan Leventhal
Replication-Competent Noninduced Proviruses in the Latent Reservoir Increase Barrier to HIV-1 Cure
31.03.2014Denise Kühnert
Mary-Aude Rochat
Spatial modeling of HIV cryptic viremia and 2-LTR formation during raltegravir intensification
14.04.2014Thomas Liechti
Annette Audige
Gene Editing of CCR5 in Autologous CD4 T Cells of Persons Infected with HIV
12.05.2014Branislav Ivan
Sandra Ivic
HIV-1 suppression and durable control by combining single broadly neutralizing antibodies and antiretroviral drugs in humanized mice
26.05.2014Oliver Brandenberg
Corinna Oberle
Immunological and virological mechanisms of vaccine-mediated protection against SIV and HIV
07.07.2014Thomas Liechti
Yik-Lim Kok
A Cell-Intrinsic Inhibitor of HIV-1 Reverse Transcription in CD4+ T Cells from Elite Controllers
21.07.2014Denise Kühnert
Li Duo
Predicting the impact of CD8+ T cell polyfunctionality on HIV disease progression.
04.08.2014No Journal Club HIV: Summer holidays
18.08.2014No Journal Club HIV: Summer holidays