Journal Club HIV Biology

Monday every other week (alternating with Journal Club IMV) 5.00 p.m. in a mixed format: In-person at UNK-E-2 (Universitätsstrasse 84) and virtually via Zoom

Date Speaker Paper title
02.05.2022 Maria Hesselmann &
Marius Zeeb
HIV-1 infections with multiple founders associate with the development of neutralization breadth
16.05.2022 Magdalena Schwarzmüller &
Tom Loosli
Early neurodevelopment of HIV-exposed uninfected children in the era of antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
30.05.2022 Invited Speaker  
13.06.2022 Caio Foulkes &
Laura Summermatter
Combination anti-HIV antibodies provide sustained virological suppression

Luca Baroncini &
Lisa Jörimann

Latency reversal plus natural killer cells diminish HIV reservoir in vivo


Chloe Pasin &
Nadia Neuner-Jehlre

Sex-Based Differences in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Reservoir Activity and Residual Immune Activation

Sex Differences in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Persistence and Reservoir Size During Aging

22.08.2022 Liridona Maliqi &
Michelle Mennel

Directing HIV-1 for degradation by non-target cells, using bi-specific single-chain llama antibodies

19.09.2022 Daniel Schmidt &
Jasmin Tschumi
Early treatment regimens achieve sustained virologic remission in infant macaques infected with SIV at birth
03.10.2022 Dario Burri &
Frederique Lachmann
Disparities in breast cancer survival between women with and without HIV across sub-Saharan Africa (ABC-DO): a prospective, cohort study