Group Kouyos

Molecular Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Dynamics

We study infectious diseases by combining approaches from epidemiology, bioinformatics, and evolution. One current focus of our work is the molecular epidemiology of HIV, i.e. the use of sequence data to characterize the transmission of the virus. I have also a strong interest in mathematical modelling in infectious diseases (“infectious disease dynamics”) again with a focus on the interaction between epidemiological and evolutionary processes. Concrete questions we have been recently working on include: “How important is acute-phase transmission in HIV?”, “How does HIV interact with its co-infections?”, “How can sequence data be used to address sampling problems in Epidemiology?”, “What characterizes the sources of transmitted drug resistance in HIV?”, “Does effective sexual transmission of Hepatitis C Virus occur?”, “What governs the reversion of drug-resistance in HIV?”.