Klinischer Forschungsschwerpunkt (KFSP) Viral Infectious Diseases

The CRPP Viral Infectious Diseases is a research project funded by the University of Zurich and comprises two main research domains, the Zurich Primary HIV Infection Study and The Viral Metagenome Project.

Within the CRPP Viral Infectious Diseases the main emphasis at the IMV is on the Viral Metagenome Project. To date, Next Generation Sequencing methods allow us to study the metagenomic profiles of viral infections in unprecedented depth. Within the project, we apply Next Generation Sequencing to define viral infections in immunocompromised patients with the aim to unravel previously undetermined etiology of infection. The obtained knowledge will provide us with an advanced understanding of disease specific viruses that emerge in specific immunocompromised settings (primary immunodeficiencies, transplantation, HIV infection), which may open avenues for tailored diagnostics and improved treatment in the future.

More information can be found on the CRPP Viral Infectious Diseases’ website